Top 25 Innovative MBA Dissertation Topic Ideas

Writing an MBA dissertation paper can be difficult without a good topic of interest. Many students struggle with finding an idea worth researching. The pressure is on to produce a quality assignment on a subject of interest you should know well. This is when it helps to be creative and innovative with writing ideas. The following details provide insight on developing MBA dissertation topic ideas as well as sample ideas to encourage your own brainstorming.

What to Think about When Choosing Dissertation Idea

Since the dissertation is one of the most important papers you will write, your topic should stand out and be something you can present well. You have learned a lot about your subject matter and you have an interest in pursuing a career with what you have learned. This is your last opportunity to make a significant impact with your knowledge. You can acquire significant details that can make a difference in content you create. Start by reviewing papers written by other students for inspiration.

25 Ideas for an MBA Dissertation to Consider

Dissertation ideas for your project are endless. It is a matter of finding something that is interesting and something that will help your dissertation stand alone. Here are 25 ideas to get you started.

  • Sweatshops and human rights.

  • Chinese market price competitions.

  • Processed foods and different markets impacted by them.

  • Security threats in the stock market.

  • Mix marketing and using it to broaden a business brand.

  • Profits and E-commerce.

  • Financial situations of two businesses (compare and choose 2 buisnesses).

  • Credit union versus a bank; which is better in today‚Äôs economy?

  • Retail business strategies and how they layout products in stores.

  • Using training programs to train people on ethics.

  • Are credit cards good or bad for the economy?

  • Why minimum wage is hard to increase.

  • How does money change work with exchange dealers?

  • Keeping money in offshore accounts.

  • Reliability is necessary for auditing.

  • How does a bank work?

  • Human resources and how it solves problems in an organization.

  • Barriers occurring in international business transactions.

  • Challenges in managing an organization.

  • How companies upskill employees for better company performance.

  • Encouraging diversity in the workforce.

  • Children and advertising.

  • Marketing strategies and social media.

  • Brand awareness and negative press.

  • Making products (positive or negative) look good to consumers.

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