Top 27 Intriguing Ideas You Can Use For Your Dissertation

You will need to be prepared when given a task of writing a dissertation. As long as you have some brilliant dissertation topics to present, your work will be a lot easier. The following are some of the most important options that you should look into:

  1. Discuss whether the world is ready to give power to women presidents and minorities

  2. Explain the challenges that are posed in the sale of human organs

  3. Explain how animal rights are violated when people keep exotic animals as pets

  4. Discuss some of the positive impacts that Hollywood has had on the society

  5. From the societal point of view, what are the moral implications of advertising prescription medicine?

  6. Explain why technology can be considered to make people less creative with time

  7. Diets have been known to present more challenges that proper results. Discuss.

  8. Discuss some of the medicinal values of marijuana

  9. Discuss how depression prevention can help in mitigating the cases of suicide

  10. Explain how music therapy can come in handy for individuals that are undergoing stressful situations

  11. Should hockey fights be allowed? Discuss

  12. Explain the challenges that farmers face when considering a shift to organic farming

  13. Discuss the importance of learning about your ancestry to your health

  14. Is it wise to administer heroin to terminally ill patients?

  15. Discuss the challenges of modern day women when it comes to breastfeeding

  16. Discuss whether veganism is an appropriate way to raise kids today

  17. Explain how spousal abuse affects kids in the family

  18. Discuss why adoption overseas should be banned

  19. Cite some of the hazards that feminism poses for the society

  20. Discuss the absurd benefits of slavery to the society in the 1800s

  21. Explain why having sex with a prostitute is not supposed to be considered as cheating

  22. Explain why gender equality is something that might never be achieved

  23. Discuss some of the benefits of polygamy to the community

  24. Explain the benefits of having an illegal immigrant workforce in the country

  25. Discuss why plastic surgery is supposed to be banned unless under extreme medical requirements

  26. Drug addiction is a sickness that should be handled with care. Discuss

  27. Churches have for a long time stayed under the radar in as far as taxes are concerned. Discuss whether they should or should not pay taxes.

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