A List Of 15 Controversial Dissertation Topics In Education

Education is so important in society and, therefore, there are many ways in which you can develop controversial ideas when you intend to write a dissertation about the topic.

In order to create a controversial topic, you may wish to look at various moral ideas, as well as the aims of various political strategies related to education. Essentially, a controversial idea will provide a great deal of debate and, therefore, if you can think of an idea that fits this description then it may well be suitable. For some further ideas, you may wish to look at the suggestions below.

  • Girls do better than boys at school and, therefore, it is only fair to the females in society that boys and girls are educated separately

  • children are too young to learn anything of use in till they reach the age of around seven or eight and, therefore, they should not be required to go to school until they reach this age

  • Only a limited proportion of society needs to be well-educated, and it would be more beneficial for young people to be able to leave school at an earlier age, was to join the work force

  • Teachers should face regular testing in order to ensure that they are up to the job

  • Women make better teachers than men

  • Students who are called bullying other people should be excluded from the educational system and should instead be educated at home

  • Bullies should face tougher penalties when court victimizing fellow students, including the possibility of jail sentences

  • The parents of bullies should be punished for the actions of their children

  • Everybody should be required to complete a university degree

  • Education should always be free for everybody in society

  • School uniforms are a pointless and expensive requirements and should be scrapped

  • Religion should not be taught in schools and any religious clothing or other items should be banned

  • By the time school children are 11 years old, they should be assessed based on the level of understanding they have on various subjects, and should then be required to continue only a limited number of these subjects, according to which they are best at

  • Class sizes should be harmed so as to ensure that every student gets the attention that they deserve

  • To minimize the possibility of mass shootings occurring in schools, all teachers should be armed
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