In Search Of Well-Written PhD Dissertation Abstracts Online

Abstracts for PhD dissertations are actually a brief summary of what the entire dissertation is about. It gives an idea of the studies that were completed as well as what the results were. This abstract is used by readers to get an idea of what the general idea of the dissertation is. Usually they are no more than 700 words and are included with your thesis when you submit it. Often times these are read to see if the audience wants to even read the entire work.

What is a good dissertation abstract?

A good abstract has to answer many questions so that the reader knows exactly what the entire thesis is about. The work needs to answer what, why, and how the work was completed. It also needs to include what the results were and what the significance of the results was. It is actually a mini-thesis.

Where can I find a good example of a dissertation abstract?

There are many places on the internet where you can find good examples of these types of papers. Most universities and colleges have excellent examples in their English departments. If you go on the internet and type what you are looking for in the search engine box, you will find many options as a result. Try to look at many different examples so you can get a feel for exactly what is expected. Use the sites that are first on the list because they are usually the most reputable. They have been used frequently and have been looked at by many. They would not be up at the top if they weren’t great examples. If you read enough of these abstracts and study the formats you will see what is considered appropriate and what isn’t.

Other places besides the internet to find good examples

Your college library is an excellent place to find these samples. Ask your librarian for the resource section and look for dissertations. Read through as many as you need until you get a feel for the formatting and content.

Another place that should probably be the first place you look is your professor or any professor that is in the department that your thesis originates from. They will be able to give you professional advice as to what the abstracts should look like and what should be included.

For all the information you need about examples of dissertation abstract samples, I recommend this site.

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