A Free Dissertation Writing Checklist For Graduate Students

Okay, so we have all been there, where we have whizzed through our dissertation and then suddenly remembered that we have forgotten a key element. Yes, this can really as easily happen to graduate students as undergrads. It’s just the same as going out and suddenly realizing that you have forgotten to bring your keys. So, in order to eliminate any hassle here is a free dissertation writing checklist for you:


Does your title sum up the subject manner in your work? Could it be improved, or strengthened? Is it too long? Too short? Having a killer title is half the battle.

Have you done your research?

Okay, so this might seem like a stupid question. Of course you have done your research! You wouldn’t have a paper without that crucial element, would you? However, I guess that what I am getting at is have you FULLY researched the various different angles? Have you just paid lip-service to the concept?

Is your introduction clear and compelling?

Be honest, and if you have answered no, then I would suggest that you immediately start rewriting! If you research doesn’t say exactly what your dissertation does on the tin, then you are going to lose marks instantly. Far better that you go back to the drawing board and rework it, to elevate your grade!

Where have you sourced your data?

This is REALLY important. I am sure that you will have used data but it is really important that not only have you:


Have you included a detailed reading list? Have you fully credited and acknowledged all of the authors? The last thing that you want is to end up facing allegations of plagiarism when you have come so far!

Are you happy with it?

Leaving aside natural concerns and anxieties for now, is this really the best that you could possibly produce. Have you excelled yourself, or do you know that you have cut corners. You know papers come and go, and your lecturer will trawl through countless more after you have graduated. However, you are the one that has to reconcile this with your conscience? I re-iterate, is this the best you could possibly do?

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