How Do You Cite A Doctoral Thesis: Basic Guidelines

Apart from the fact that when writing your thesis, you should ensure that all the necessary information is gathered from reputable sources, it is also very important to pay attention to the citation of your paper. When the content of your paper is sourced from genuine sources and it is properly cited, your paper will be viewed as a credible material. This is not the case when these requirements are not fulfilled. Whether online or offline, you are sure to come across guidelines that would help you ensure that your academic paper is properly cited.

If you are at a loss and still looking for guidelines as it has to do with citation of your doctoral thesis, then you would surely find this article very helpful. Below are a few tips that you should utilize in citing your paper, whether the citation should be in the MLA or APA format. The tips are as follows:

Citing In MLA Format

With the guidelines contained in the MLA Handbook, when citing your sources, it should include the last name of the author first and the page number. On your works cited page, type in the last name of the author, followed by other names. The piece title comes next, making sure it is in quotation marks. If it is a dissertation or thesis, make sure to indicate same. Include the city and year of publication and if the piece is published as Print, indicate same. Otherwise, indicate the appropriate medium of publication.

Apart from the city and year of publication where a comma is used, every other portion of the citation should be separated with a period. In a situation where a material’s medium of publication is the internet, Web should be used to indicate publication medium. This is followed by the date on which the piece or publication was accessed.

Citing In APA Format

The 6th edition of the APA manual stipulates that when carrying out in-text citations, the student should type the author’s last name and add the date of publication. When it gets to the Reference page, the author’s first name comes before the last name and initials. A period is inserted before the publication date is typed in parentheses and ended with a period. The title of the publication is typed in italics and followed by the type of publication, dissertation or thesis.

The institution’s name is typed and the city where the institution is located, separated by a comma. If the material is retrieved from any of the online databases, then this should be indicated.

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