How To Make Dissertation Citations In The Harvard Style: Tips For Dummies

Dummies always have problems in whatever field they are and this is always largely attributed to lack of experience. So, are you an academic dummy who has not even the simplest idea on how to reference academic writing? Are you registering for your masters but the fear of dissertation writing is causing you depression? Well, referencing academic writing is probably the biggest hurdle many students have had to endure, thanks to their inexperience which has always led to mixing up different styles. Because different learning institutions preference one academic writing style or another, coping up with one likes Harvard writing style can be the biggest challenge in your academic life. The reason for this is because despite being an astute writer, you always mess up when it comes to giving credit to the sources of information you have used, academically.

So, how exactly are you supposed to do your referencing when Harvard writing style is something you are using for the first time? As you will notice, there will always be a few variations and differences from one academic writing style to another, so be sure you are using something consistent with the type of writing you are pursuing. For the taking, this post delves into some tips on this to help dummies have a smooth start in Harvard style referencing, so you have every reason to read on for more insights.

In-text citation

Well, being a writing style that largely depends on author and date of publishing any literary piece, your in-text citation will most certainly constitute the two aspects, the author’s name and the date the literary piece you are giving reference to was published. However, in cases where you are quoting directly from journals, newspapers, magazines and books, it is important that you include the page number of the source material from where you have quoted.

Reference listing

When it comes to reference list, it will, just like with the case of any other writing style, appear at the end of the book or document. In other terms, this is called bibliographic information and depending on whether your are listing a book or journal, the name of the author or authors will always come first, followed by the date of publication, comma, name of the source document written in quotes, volume of publication(for journals) and edition(for books), publisher and lastly place of publication.

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