Finance Dissertation Topics – 20 Ideas From Experts

If you are sitting through a finance class, you have to be prepared for the day when you will be asked to write your dissertation. I recommend this service just in case you do not know where to or how to come up with good ideas for your dissertation:

  1. Discuss the case of success of micro finance institutions

  2. Provide an elaborate discussion comparing traditional and behavioral finance

  3. Discuss some procedures that you would have to go through while applying for a finance position

  4. What are some of the ethical challenges facing corporate finance?

  5. With an emphasis on earnings management, critically examine the need for individuals to be keen on financial studies

  6. Compare and contrast the accruals concept in accounting and finance

  7. Discuss some of the key sources of finance for a new business

  8. Highlight some of the pitfalls that could make a fiscal budget unrealistic

  9. Discuss how a business can prepare for a financial crisis like in 2008

  10. Explain the role of a finance manager, and compare this with the role of an accounts manager in the same firm

  11. Discuss some of the benefits of Islamic finance and banking

  12. Discuss the role of the power of money in campaigns

  13. Discuss the key components of international business, and how a company would need to adapt in order to meet the needs of its stakeholders while entering a new frontier

  14. Provide an elaborate discussion about the future of educational finance within the country

  15. From a finance student’s point of view discuss some of the challenges that are facing new graduates as they get into the market

  16. Highlight some financial challenges that face first time entrepreneurs, providing realistic solutions on how they can mitigate against these challenges

  17. Discuss the role of ICT in the world of finance, highlighting some of the challenges and lessons that have been learned in the world over the past decade

  18. Discuss the efficiency of regulations in business finance, citing useful examples or case studies to support your cause

  19. Finance and economics are intertwined. Discuss the relationship between finance and economics, providing elaborate real life examples on how this relationship subsists

  20. Compare and contrast the financial systems that are used in the operations of a small family owned restaurant, and a retail chain like Macdonald’s

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