Academic Writing Lessons: Words To Use In A Dissertation Introduction

Are you in the process of writing your dissertation, and are not sure how to tackle the introduction? By taking some time to learn the introduction tips your chances of coming up with a piece that allows you to get the top grade will increase. The introduction is important, because it will be used to make a good first impression for the examiner. With that thought in mind, here are the top tips for using the correct words when writing a dissertation introduction:


If you are doing a project on a technical subject like biology or chemistry then there will be a horde of definitions that are related to your title. Make sure to use as many definitions as you can, because this often shows that you know the subject well. However, don’t shoot yourself in the foot by using a definition incorrectly as that will decrease your final score.

You can learn the top definitions in your area of study via general reading and paying attention. This is not something that is acquired overnight, but instead gradually as you complete your studies.

Hook The Reader In

You have to write an introduction for you dissertation that will grab the readers attention, and in turn cause them to read the whole project. To do this you must avoid using bland words, but instead ones that inspire the reader. Therefore, refrain from only using technical and definition-type words.

To get an idea of words and techniques that are used to hook the reader in look at some sales letters on the internet. You’ll see how the professionals do it, and it will equip you with the knowledge to do it for yourself.

Number Of Words To Use

Try to keep the wording in the introduction concise so that the content does not drag on. In the majority of cases the introduction should be a page to a page and a half long. If you don’t write in a concise manner then it can exceed this limit.

Also there is no need to go in depth about any points that you make, or offer any lengthy explanations. Leave that for the main body of the project. The introduction is only there to introduce the topic as the name suggests.

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