A Fresh List of the Most Challenging Nursing Dissertation Topics

Every course of study at a university ends with the last big challenge – a dissertation. As future specialists in nursing, many students struggle with choosing a topic for the paper to look complete and professional. Nursing is a very important field of medicine, as caring about patients vastly increases the success of their recovery, so to enhance your knowledge you have to choose the topic wisely.

A List of Challenging Nursing Dissertation Topics

  1. Case studies based research: mentoring in the NHS.
  2. Palliative care: the value of awareness in the productivity of nursing skills.
  3. The value of a nurse’s intuition in the process of the patients’ recovery: case studies based on research.
  4. The phenomenon of ‘burn-outs’ in psychiatric nursing and ways of handling them.
  5. Pain management in pediatric nursing: current situation and future progress.
  6. Nursing techniques in stress prevention for patients in the 13-18 age group.
  7. Innovational ways of loyal coping with a refusal to eat in the elderly.
  8. The impact of extreme weather conditions on home-based nursing care.
  9. Nursing techniques in treating feet wounds in diabetics.
  10. Patients with communication problems as a challenge for a nurse: non-verbal indicators of pain.
  11. Ways to improve people’s impression and perception of nursing care at hospitals.
  12. The challenge a nurse faces while re-joining the occupation after a long period of absence.

There are many more topics that may be a better choice for you.

How to Choose the Best Topic

For your dissertation, choose a topic you have a genuine interest in. You’ll see how the research will become more productive and the work will seem more interesting. Choosing such a topic will also help you gain more valuable experience you can apply in your future job.

Also make sure there’s enough material in the libraries and online for the topic you’re about to choose. You may even try to contact some scientists whose works you want to use as the references to some of the facts you present in your dissertation. This will make your work more unique and challenging.

Remember that your thesis is the last paper you can impress your university and yourself with as a student.

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