Getting A Decent Dissertation Example On Change Management

Management studies have been spreading its branches in parallel with the increasing complexities of the organizations. Along with a host of disciplines in management, change management is a recent development. Change management refers to the approach of shifting individuals or teams by application of certain methods which direct the use of resources, budget allocation, business process and other modes of operations. This helps in reshaping the functioning of a company or an organization.

Students who are currently pursuing a degree in management studies learn change management as a part of their curriculum. This is a huge field since the students require to study from the evolution of the change management process to approach building including theoretical foundations. Since this is a very dynamic field, teachers often force the students to take up a dissertation work on the subject, in order to see whether the students have got a grip on the subject or not.


Since change management is a huge topic, there can be a number of dissertation examples regarding it. Let us list some of them.

  1. Evolution of the change management system.

  2. Leadership in change management system.

  3. Organizational culture and change management system.

  4. Change management and a unionized workplace

  5. Motivation and organizational change

  6. Approaches to change management through capacity building.

  7. Sustainable organizational performances through HR management in SMEs.

  8. Future of change management in a globalized world.

These are some of the relevant topics on change management to work on. In case you are looking for examples related to the subject, there are a couple of places you can try on.


  1. The best way to get an example for your thesis is to ask your teacher for the same. Discuss with him/her regarding which topics are the most dynamic and relevant for today’s business world.

  2. Go through the text well and point out the dynamic areas of the subject and discuss them with your teacher or friends.

  3. You should also consult journals to see which topics are the most researched and written currently. This will give you an idea for your proposal.

  4. You can also search the net and see what the topics on change management are trending in the web world. This will also be easier for you to collect stats and data related to your topic.

These are some of the ways to get an example of your proposal regarding change management.

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