A Collection Of Decent PhD Thesis Topics On Management

Management is one of the fields that a student who wants to get an MBA degree can write a thesis about. The topic of management is rather broad, so you should choose a narrow research area in order for your project to be successful. If you have problems with generating original topics, a list of sample ideas should help you gain some inspiration.

A Selection of Topics for a Ph.D. Thesis in Management

  1. The fast food restaurant industry: an assessment of regional strategic management.

  2. The importance of leadership organizational structure in the project management effectiveness.

  3. Risk management systems and deficiencies in internal controls in financial institutions.

  4. The configuration of HR management and multinational subsidiaries.

  5. Adaptive thinking as the main aspect of the effective management strategy formulation.

  6. The analysis of the most important managerial practices of project managers.

  7. The enterprise risk management and the impact of culture on it.

  8. The development of the best practices in HR management: the contribution of multinational firms.

  9. Project management: the analysis of critical success factors.

  10. The comparison of risk management in medium-sized enterprises in the USA and the UK.

Where to Get Help with Writing a Thesis in Management

If you feel that you won’t be able to finish your academic assignment successfully by yourself, you should find a person who can assist you and provide you with tips and advice. There are many sources that can help you. Some of them won’t ask you for payment for their services but others will.

The most obvious option to use is to regularly visit the professor whom you’ve chosen to supervise your project. You may approach them with any questions related to your academic work. Your professor will provide you with advice on how to narrow down your research area, conduct a more thorough study, make an outline for your text in a proper way, etc.

You may also use the assistance of your friends who have already written and defended their Ph.D. dissertations. They should be able to tell you about plenty of pitfalls and how to avoid or overcome them.

If you want to learn how to write better academic texts, you may take courses in a good local academic center. There, you should also have an opportunity to consult professionals on questions related to your particular project.

The last option is to hire a tutor who will act as your instructor. They’ll require money for their help but you’ll be able to consult them much more frequently than your professor.

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